High Tech Stocks in Strong Up Trend

​The Government & the Wealthy Are Pouring Money Into The Stock Market . . . Why Not Surf This Profit Wave?!

​​Here's the NASDAQ High Tech Market

​R U Using ​The Market's Momentum Yet?

Remember our previous Rule? ​FIND A PROFITABLE MARKET . . .

​. . . Well, here's a profitable Market with a strong upwards trend

You need to trade  markets that are volatile enough to provide potentially profitable swings that are large enough to justify watching the market for hours at a time, and, which have a good Trend!

​Our ​'Levitas Trading Method . . .

​. . . would have kept you in this Stock Market Trend for the whole time shown on the chart above. You would have stayed with a Winner!

​'Levitas' is based on lasting mathematical laws that won't be affected by changes in politics, institutional trading strategies or changes to the overall Economy.

​Let such a Standard of Excellence be your guide for everything from ​intra-day to long-term position trading in the markets.​

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