Only 2 Major Money Trends: The US Dollar and . . .

​​All The Others!

By George R. Harrison

​Basically, since the start of 2017 there have been only two trends in the Currency Markets.

​There's been the declining US Dollar trend which continues to this day and the rising value of all the other major currencies as the counterpart.

T​here's a lot of sound and fury out there with some rooting for the decline of the Dollar as being important globally,

W​ell, with that being true long-term, in the short-term a weakened Dollar will actually boost the US Economy not weaken it.

​Exports become less costly for the US and more expensive to purchase from other countries than before.

​Plus, investments like the Stock Market become even better deals as the base dollar depreciates and money flows from more expensive currencies to products denominated in a less expensive one (where more can be purchased than before).

While we speculate in this space about the short-term counter-trend moves a good deal, it's important to always keep the big picture major trends in view in order to place current events in the right perspective.​​

​The Euro chart above is used as representative of most of the major currencies which, on their own, are experiencing rising trends in their currency values relative to the US Dollar.

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