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The Meaning Behind ‘Gann Astrology’


The Meaning Behind Our New ‘Gann Astrology’:

Even Manipulated Markets Must Follow The ‘Music of the Spheres’.

This is important to understand:

W.D. Gann’s works and beliefs comprised a Holistic System or outlook on the Universe.

More importantly relative to his works, it’s important to understand that this single philosophy extended through and connected all of his discoveries together into a Whole.

That includes the methodology he applied to what I like to call ‘Gann Astrology’ as well.

It bears repeating (over and over again because of it’s importance) that what I refer to as ‘Gann Astrology’ is most definitely not what most identify as astrology at all!

Astrology today has devolved into a belief system with it’s own mythologies and arcane history. Those drawn to Astrology today, I think, are increasingly attracted by the instinctive sense of order that they can find within a Wheel Chart. Goodness knows that today’s World of chaos is driving people everywhere to find some sense of meaning somewhere out there. To draw forth this order, however, takes a bit more work in order to secure better accuracy from this field of study.

What I’m offering as examples on this website, are the Roots (which both Gann believed & I believe) from which Astrology originally came. Roots which represented Mankind’s early Science observations while in pursuit of the rules of Order to the Universe and not a Religion or faith which it later became (once the original roots to the science were lost).


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