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Japanese Nikkei Downtrend


By G. R. Harrison (2014)

nikkei-1Today, we’ll take a quick look at the Japanese Stock Market as represented by the Nikkei 225 Index.

Unlike the other World Markets, the Nikkei shows a market that made an incredible surge upwards but which has now peaked and is falling in a downtrend.

This is a major economy and a major market break which has not been recognized as such yet.

At the very best, the momentum has broken to sideways and run out of steam completely.

But, this is a market which, (like a Judo Sensei) has had considerable practice in how to take ‘Fall’.

Remember, the Nikkei 225 once peaked at 38,957 in December 29th of 1989, so, this is a market that has fallen from a great height.

And, it may not have reached Bottom yet.

This could turn into a runaway Bear market seeking out it’s ‘comfort’ zone back in the 8K-10K price area before exploring even lower levels, in which case we’ve just seen the first ‘bounce’ up from the 8K price area. We may be on the second arc downwards at present. If we break the 14K price level and go down again, we’ll have an even stronger case in favor of the downtrend. – George

NOTE: The Excalibur Method was used on these charts and, all charts show hypothetical decision points as part of this website’s educational content. All trading is risky. Please read the Disclaimers on this site.


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