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APPLE Stock as Viewed With ‘Gann Astrology’



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Apple Stock Viewed Thru ‘Gann Astrology’:

 A Further ‘Just-For-Fun’ exercise; This Time With The AAPL Stock Chart . . .

To show that the Principles behind what I call ‘Gann Astrology’ also work in the Stock Market, I present this view of AAPL stock and a particular price point (shown with a blue circle) that indicated a SELL signal back in December.

This trigger price was based purely on my discovery of the process that I like to call ‘Gann Astrology’.

This is not what most identify as astrology at all. Actually, it’s as far from today’s concepts of Astrology as the modern science of Astronomy is from that arcane practice.

What counts is that it WORKS. PERIOD. What works IS Scientific, what doesn’t work is unscientific.

In addition to the critical SELL price point which this approach identified on the chart, this method also has a high percentage of accuracy in picking TIMES for turning points in price.

These points are shown with the red and green squares on the chart.

There’s also a white square in the near future which should present a TIME for a turning point in price for APPLE stock, however, this will likely be only a shorter-term turn.

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NOTE: If you haven’t written me yet and, this ‘Astrological’ level of Gann study and information is of interest to you, please let me know. It will encourage me to continue my work on the subject. There’s no obligation, this is just to sample my reader’s interest levels.

If popular enough, I’ll continue to post other charts with astronomical market points of immediate interest. Please E-mail me HERE and, thank you for your interest. – George