The Great Bull Market Confirmation


By G. R. Harrison (2014)

sp500Question: “What is one of the fundamental characteristics of a Great Bull Market when it starts?”

Answer: The Public’s absolute refusal to believe it!

This has been a constant rule throughout stock market history and is happening today again.

Check it out for yourself.

What’s the attitude of the ‘experts’ on the various media platforms; are they positive or negative on the market?

If you’re reading and listening to the same sources I am, then you know that they’re by-and-large awaiting a technical ‘pull-back’ in the market.

Some even expect a panic sell-off or an outright crash. Someday these events will happen, of course, but not today or next week according to these charts.

This is an error caused by too short a time perspective and a misunderstanding of the power of market momentum built up over a long period of time.

Take a look now at the chart above.

It covers a 25-year period of history for the S&P 500. More importantly, this chart shows that today’s stock market as represented by the S&P has broken out of a 13-Year sideways trend and taken out a double-top.

Both of the previous stock market tops were historic highs for their time periods (2000 and 2007).

We’ve now exceeded them both and the angle of ascent is strong. There’s a great deal of built-up momentum for this move and it’s strength isn’t believed by the masses of average investors.

sp500-2This website pointed out this strong market move back in July of 2013 when we predicted that the market was strong and headed higher.

How could this be done so early on into the move?

Well, it takes a ‘guidance’ instrument that can see past the headlines and gossip.

One that’s based on natural law instead of discredited man-made economic theories or technical indicators used by millions of other traders.

To stand apart from other traders, I recommend ‘the Excalibur Method’ as that ‘guidance’ instrument to all my clients.

You can find out more by clicking HERE. – George



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