The Stock Market Shows The Future Economy . . . Not The Present One!

The Future Shift Is Being Revealed Right Now!

​Can You See It?

​The Old Economy Is Shown By The Major Indexes

Where Have They Been Going Lately?

Sideways or No Where, that's where.

​​The above charts of some major World Stock Indexes shows the story and it matches what most of us have been feeling lately . . . that the Markets are non-directional and non-inspiring overall.

​However, there has been a Sector of the Economy that's alive and kicking and that's the High-Tech Sector as represented by new companies with new technologies as shown by the NASDAQ 100 Stock Index.

​This Market Is Alive & Growing Strong!!!

​​As displayed in our chart above the difference is clear . . . This Market and the companies it represents present a reason for great hope for the future and, the strongest Market is the US NASDAQ 100 Market.

This Market and it's components will be where one can look for growth and above-normal gains going forward.

Though these seem like 'chaotic times' , we need to remember that all shifts in the basic Economy throughout History have been considered 'chaotic' by those living during those Times).

​Such Times are also those which make the new Millionaires out of those perceptive enough to both discover and embrace the new industries that are being created in the midst of changing times.

Th​is is nothing new. It's just new to our present generation. - George

Email: for more information about how you can apply our powerful trading techniques ​to these exciting times we're entering. The Principles these techniques are based upon won't ever change and no market manipulators can 'outwit' the Laws of Nature. Now, that's a comforting thought isn't it?