Ride The Profit Wave in GOLD

​Not All Trading Has To Be An Effort!

"​​The Trend Is Your Friend 'Til It Ends . . ."

​I've Been Showing You The Strongest UP Markets

​Have You Taken A Closer Look?

​Riding An Up trending Market Can Offset A Lot of Losing Trades

​​​I showed in my previous post how the NASDAQ 100 (QQQ etf) was outpacing all the other major world markets.

​​Today we're looking at GOLD and, for the same general reason; it's been in a strong upwards moving price trend that shows no present sign of any change.

​This Market Is Alive & Growing Stronger!!!

​​​For those who are looking for a little less daily trading action and who are content to follow trending markets patiently, GOLD is providing all the benefits you're looking for.

​Especially in uncertain times, GOLD has the capacity to offset a host of market weaknesses and to cancel out a lot of Fear in the process.

The beauty of strongly trending markets is that they provide many opportunities to enter at different levels.

​However, you'll need some excellent trading techniques to both lower your risk of a bad entry and to increase your odds of getting into a strongly trending market at just the right price point.

I'd like to recommend our 'Levitas Trading Principle' as the method to use to follow, enter and exit from trending markets. Right now, you can have access to BOTH this longer-term trading method as well as our excellent Day Trading Technique called the 'Intra-day Solar Trader'. These are being offered as a SET for an unprecedented low donation request to help out our clients and students during this global shutdown period. Write me. You won't be disappointed. - George

Email: george@wdgann-lost-secrets.com for more information about how you can apply our powerful trading techniques ​to these exciting times we're entering. The Principles these techniques are based upon won't ever change and no market manipulators can 'outwit' the Laws of Nature. Now, that's a comforting thought isn't it?