Turn of the Australian Dollar? . . .

'Time Spanner'

One of Our Most Powerful & Unknown Trading Methods . . .

. . . has predicted a turn in the AUD/USD to the Downside, and, prices have been following this path.

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I've been asked: "Where do I go to purchase Bitcoins?".

Well, it's a bit harder for Americans than for the rest of the World (that's how it plays for a lot of financial matters these days), but, most of the World can purchase them online and store them in 'wallets' online or 'offline'.

Here are a couple of popular sites where you may purchase your own Bitcoin (or fractions thereof) directly online: Uphold.com, Coinbase.com

Bitcoin has been a great parking place for wealth & growth of that wealth of late as it's been rising incredibly in value (unlike the US Dollar!

- George

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