Eur/Usd Hourly: Our ‘Fibonacci Trends’ Approach

​EUR/USD Intraday Trading Signals Using 'Fibonacci Trends' approach ​for the last Week.

Above we see this technique at work in the Hourly EUR/USD Forex Market. ​There are several price trend signal points presented on both charts above.

​Using our newly released 'Fibonacci Trends' Technique, we find that any attempts to Buy during the stronger Downtrend resulted in only small profits or break-even trades. This indicates that the SELL signals need to be favored rather than every trade signal produced in order to maximize profit potential and save time & risk from over-trading from the wrong side of the dominant trend.

Note: All trades are 'hypothetical', and, for educational purposes only, but, the signals are generated using the Fibonacci Trends Trading Technique.

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