Gold Market Opportunity Today

A Continuing Examination of Profit Events . . .

Today's post is short and sweet.

It's merely another verification of the potential regular profit opportunities that present themselves when examining intra-day trading in GOLD.

Today's potential trade was worth about $1,800 USD per contract traded in Gold.

That's a pretty penny for 11-hours of tracking and only taking a single entry!

As I wrote yesterday, one should look at our trading tools as just that: Tools.

These 'Tools' however, are focused on REDUCING YOUR RISK EXPOSURE, and, should be thought about in that, more accurate light instead of just 'trading methods'.

By using a tool like our 'Levitas Principle' method to determine risk exposure limits, and, a Timing Tool like either 'The Intraday Solar Trader' or our unique 'Fibonacci Trends' technique one could have known, (with a very high certainty), that our risk, (in this trading case), was not likely to exceed $200 USD initially and, armed with that information, lower-risk trades become a Choice instead of a gamble.


We don't control the Future.

We can control our Risk.

I'd like to encourage those of our readers who haven't viewed these Courses as Risk Reduction Tools before, to take another look at their necessity to be in your trading toolbox from that perspective alone.

I've developed, written and published an excellent, (so say the professionals, not me), collection of techniques to help a trader reduce and control Risk to the highest degree.

However, these Techniques and Courses are now being made available in a protected format and can be accessed through Private Donations Only and delivered in a Private, Secured, Digital Downloadable Format with full personal printing privileges. 

I look forward to your contact and having you join our select group. The next step is up to you. Bold steps make for Bold People, - George 

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