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‘MMT’ and Crude Oil


A Warning Signal Was Given Days Ago That A Large  Range Price Move Was Likely To Happen in Crude Oil.

What followed confirmed the 'MMT' Signal.

Prices declined sharply and an almost $4,000 usd trading opportunity was there for the taking.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the addition of the 'Market Maker's Trigger' or 'MMT' isn't a 'stand-alone' tool; it definitely IS an important confirmation tool to have in your pocket when examining the markets for potential profitable trades to come.

I'm offering a Special on the 'MMT' Course at present.

Contact me at the e-mail address below to get started. - Good Trading. - George

Brent Crude Daily Signal & Trend:

The ​current daily up-trend from August is still intact, but, is a bit on the over-sold side with a short-term pull-back expected this week. Watch the yellow trend line. - George

Crude Oil: A New Downtrend Has Begun . . .

Crude Oil Prices . . . The 'Moon' Predicts A New Price Downswing

I had to laugh today when I read how some of the big investment houses were calling on their clients to buy Crude Oil. They stated that prices were going to $100 a barrel again. Not today!

That price may be possible again someday, but, as of today, our new method called 'Trader's Moon' has indicated that Crude Oil has tripped over the edge and is most likely to go DOWN, not up in price, from this point on wards.

Learn How To Purchase 'The Trader's Moon' Method Here . . .

Astro-Turns For Crude Oil . . .

Following The Astro-Turns . . . For Crude Oil

Tying the Markets to their Astronomic foundations has been the challenge I set out to accomplish some time back; but, not at first. Instead, it was important to learn the fundamentals of nature's structure first. I'd suggest the same to those of you who have picked up the gauntlet to do battle in the markets of today.

Today's chart shows that even markets like Crude Oil respond to the Moon's influence.

Crude Oil Topping Again?


Crude Oil Top?

brentcrudeWe’re at another of those rally top areas where the bullish news for Oil starts coming back into view again.

However, this appears to be largely a distraction and counter-move by the media to disguise inside SELLING and positioning for the next leg down in Crude Oil Prices.

The red-circled area on the chart shows the topping price area where we are at present.

But, short-term price movements have already given a weakening signal that are the prelude to another price slide downwards.

$37.50 should be the first objective, A break in price below this price level will indicate a strong slide in price to come, coming down with $34.50 next.

$23 Crude Oil can be reached should these other levels fail to hold going forward. George