Using Price Charts To Predict Wars . . .

​By G.R. Harrison, Copyright 2018

​Some Markets can ​reveal the potential for political events like wars when viewed in the light of previous price behavior at certain price levels.

​In the case of the present Middle East tensions, we'll examine Brent Crude Oil and Gold to see if prices are at sensitive levels or not.

​For Brent Crude Oil we find that we're at a critical RESISTANCE pivot area not only on the Daily Chart, but, also relative to the strong Monthly price chart as well.

Should prices rise above the horizontal bar shown on the charts above, then, it's likely to indicate that conditions have reached or breached a 'war-level'.

​It's always wise to bring in more than just one indicator when trying to judge the political conditions that are existent at any time.

In this case, the international significance of Gold to Middle-Eastern interests, warrants that we check out it's price position at this present time as well.

Looking at our Gold chart above, we see that Gold also is at previous Highs and a Resistance Level. It would take very little to have it break above these price levels and, that, would likely indicate an escalation of war activities or preparations.

The fact that both of these international commodities are poised at these sensitive points in their price history as well as the fact that we're entering into the beginning of a repeat of the World War II cycle (as described in our 'It's About Time' Course Set) lends to the importance of controlling the tensions that are presently in play. 

It will take cool heads to De-pressurize present events.

The indication of a lowering of tensions will be if prices for Brent Crude Oil or Gold decline below the red horizontal line below their present price level. That would indicate a subtraction of international tension is taking place. - George

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