A New EURO Down Trend Begins. . .

​​​Not Every Price Swing Means The Same Thing

​The EUR/USD has been going up almost all of this Year (2017). But, all trends must come to an end sometimes and, my special indicators show that this uptrend is now over and a new, long-term down trend has officially begun.

Don't expect others to realize this until much later as most investors and analysts use the same common, overused and inconsistent indicators. These indicators have ALL been incorporated into computer algorithms used by Institutional traders and banks. These big playeers know where you're likely to trade and, it's largely because they use these tools to convince average traders to get into and exit markets at the most inopportune points for traders and the most opportune points for themselves (the big traders), that allows them to take complete advantage of and profit from the majority of traders.

Bottom Line? You just can't trust the standard indicators. ​They're front-loaded against you.

You have to have something special. Something 'they' don't have. You need techniques that aren't public knowledge to the big traders. That's where your profit edge over average traders can be found.

That's exactly what our specialty is here at WDGann-Lost-Secrets.com. ​

​Long decades of intense, eye-straining research into W.D. Gann's price charts and tens-of-thousands of independent charts finally yielded up their secrets. Some of which I've been carefully sharing with a very select, few other traders on this planet.

As our long-term clients can (and have!) testified; our private trading methods and market analysis techniques stand alone as both Unique and Successful. Even our most basic Courses will provide you with more understanding and insight into the markets than you have ever dreamed possible.

As we approach the end of this trading year, we're now into that time period when I provide some end-of-the-year special deals. Perhaps for the very Course or Courses you've been interested in purchasing. You can ​find out by contacting me by e-mail​.

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