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Making Money From Forex By Standing Still . . .

​How To Make Money In Forex By Standing Still . . .

Gains of 12% to 17% were possible holding just cash US Dollar positions vs. the Brazilian Real, Russian Ruble, Indian Rupee or the South African Rand​ over the last year.

Had one held only mildly margin-ed forex pairs with the USD on any of these currencies, they would have been able to make far, far higher returns. And, all without trading in and out and watching the quote screens all day.

But, to be able to go for this long-term strategy, (which is the ​most protected from market manipulators), you'd still need a reliable technique for evaluating whether the profitable trend you were following was staying on course.​

That where our most popular and profitable trading methods come into play.

Like our New and highly effective 'Fibonacci Trends' Trading Technique . . .

​The above chart shows how 'Fibonacci Trends' could have given a very early tip-off to the upcoming profitability potential of the USD/RUB forex pair.


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The True State of the US Stock Market

The US Stock Market: Far from the hysterical screams of the perpetual Market Bears (who spend each day awaiting the Final Crash that will end all civilization), we find those rational few who can distinguish 'the forest from the trees'; those who can discern what's 'Real' from what's fantasy and market manipulation.

​When it comes to the US Stock Market (as seen in the S&P 500 Stock Index shown in the chart below), one needs to discount almost everything being written or presented in television market media. The Truth about this huge BULL Market is that it has finally taken a long-overdue pause from it's relentless climb in order to consolidate and prepare to continue it's bullish behavior!

In point of fact, the recent pull-back which has everyone in a panic and confused state, hasn't even matched the minor pullback in prices that we saw last March. This same price pullback would have brought prices down to the price level shown by the red horizontal line on the above chart.

Until this first threshold is reached on the downside, then, any talk of a major market downturn is premature and, just plain misinformed.

The green uptrend angles still indicate the overall direction of the market once price has consolidated and re-grouped. This could take a few more weeks to complete, but, overall, one should expect that which is historically sound and not an out-lying event to occur (when hearing hoofbeats, expect horses not zebras). ​

Far too many people are expecting a big crash and are trading short than should be expected to be correct. The Markets just don't work that way.

The odds on the mass of traders being correct at such a critical market turn of the Greatest Bulll Market of all Time are astronomically AGAINST, and not for this event to occur.The real downswing, when it occurs, will catch almost everyone by surprise as most can be expected to be manically optimistic to the upside potential​at at the exact moment that the Market Breaks for real. The General Public will most certainly get this WRONG. Someday will come, assuredly, however, real market capitulation isn't indicated at this time though. - George

Canadian Dollar Weakens . . .

​An Early Warning for the Canadian Dollar?

​​I've noted some early weakness indications and movements in a few of the major currencies of late and among these is the Canadian Dollar.

​​The Canadian Dollar chart is shown above with today's slide in price signalling a change in trend..

​This ​isn't the only currency starting to weaken, and, over the next few days we'll show at least two others that show great potential to change their recent trends. These shifting points are where one can find the maximum leverage for the following trend and, by their nature, present the smallest risk (using the previous top as the stop).

​What's presented here are examples of applied market analysis which you yourself can master once you've learned the techniques and skills associated with those techniques and trading methods. Several techniques are offered on this website and more in our Catalog.

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Precious Metals Downwards Turn Ahead? . . .

​​​A New Year, A New Trend!

​As we enter the New Year we should be ready for New Things and, especially New Trends.

GOLD has tipped us off to a new downswing possibility in the making.

​This should be expected as the recent rise in price from early December was a rapid rise at a very steep angle of ascent.

​Several of our carefully-researched trading techniques have indicated that we should expect at least a short-term reversal to the downside as a strong probability in the weeks ahead.

​Welcome to the New Year! - George.

Best Wishes for the Trading Year Ahead . . .

​​Keep A Positive Perspective & Expect Great Things!

​The ​World we come to experience & the Life we build ​is largely a product of our own expectations, desires and efforts.

​It's been my pleasure to serve & teach many of you this past year and to point the way to more profitable methods of analyzing markets and trading.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement.

May you all find even greater prosperity in the coming Year ahead as I reveal even more secrets to understanding the markets and trading profitably. 

Happy New Year All ! - George.

Present US Dollar Up-Trend Remains Intact . . .

​The Present Backup in Price is Normal.

​The ​​US DOLLAR ​has had a backup in price that has some scratching their heads wondering, if this is the turn-around for trend?​​​

But, just as I wrote earlier about Bitcoin and it's expected backups in price, the US Dollar can have it's backups as well and, still hold it's current trend in the process.

The first such area of pullback would bring us down to as low as 93.20. If that support area is violated, then, a larger downswing to the support area of 92.80 will be in operation.

Any break in price below the 92.80 level will be the start of a long-term downswing for the Dollar. - George.

Ignore The Hyped Headlines . . .

​​​​. . . And, ​Instead Observe What's 'Normal' for ​A Market

​The ​Bitcoin Market continues on it's way to greater highs. ​But, most of the headlines these days concentrate on the pullbacks in price.

One I read a few days back stated that the price of Bitcoin 'Plummeted' by $1,000 over night. Well, that sounds impressive and dangerous ​until we take the time to examine this market for ourselves and ​ask the critical question "​What is a 'normal' pullback​?".

​I created the chart above so that we can quickly determine whether the recent pullback in price qualified as a 'plummet' or not. Also, it's a gauge of what to expect in the future for this market.

What I'd call your attention to is that, for the Bitcoin market, 50% pullbacks are 'built into the cake' or a normal price retracement.

​So, that being the case, the recent 25% pullback is hardly worth considering relatively. After all, we are talking about an $11,000 product here and the $1,000 'plummet' in price as written in the recent headline is less than a 10% pullback in price. Not 50%, 35% or even 25%; just a 10% move.

This type of analysis is well-advised for any market a trader or investor is interested in. This way, you'll immunize yourself from emotional headlines designed to create panic in those who are   less-informed.

The main point I'm trying to convey in this post is that one needs to take in the proper perspective of the particular market you're following. Examine it's normal volatility and use that information to better lower your risk and time your trades.

 Yes, you'll have to have something special in your corner to catch major profit moves like this. Something 'they' (your competitors and the misinformed masses) don't have. You need techniques that aren't public knowledge to the big traders. Th​is is where your profit edge over average traders can be found.

That's exactly what our specialty is here at WDGann-Lost-Secrets.com. ​

​After some feedback from my valued students/clients, I've reconsidered my earlier decision to stop publishing additional discoveries and trading methods that I've ​gathered over the last half Century. I'll reserve just a couple techniques as private ​but, will release additional WD Gann discoveries and a few other valuable, researched techniques

Present Market conditions and opportunities are practically begging for a better set of price interpretation tools, and, especially those which have worked in the past in real time and historically and, are still working today.

Those familiar with my work know that I only release trading methods that have Universal Laws at their core. Laws that never go out of style or fashion and which will be operable in any time frame or under any market conditions.

In light of that, I'm ​presently working on releasing a Course that reveals a technique I discovered over 30-years ago, that's focused around the very idea discussed in this article and will draw on a technique I used decades back in my International Newsletter (The CMR Report) to help clients catch and profit from the 1987 Stock Crash. One reported making over $87,500 in a week's time from that event using the forecast I provided using this technique​ for the S&P 500 Stock Market Index.

I think ​market conditions are ripe for finally ​releasing this trading approach and to make this proprietary technique available to a very few traders so that present markets can be better taken advantage of by students and clients.

​*** If you're interested and would like to be put on the Limited Release List for this Course, drop me an e-mail. I ​expect to ​have this Course available by the first of the New Year, and,  perhaps even sooner.  

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