“Just When You Think You’re Out . . .”

. . . They Pull You Back In!"

​Yet Another Hurricane ('Maria'), Coming Our Way!

​Someone has hit the 'Replay' button to the 'Hurricane Game' and, we're facing another furious storm threat here on St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands within the next day (or two at most).

​We were miraculously spared the devastation of the Cat 5 Storm called IRMA and this allowed St. Croix to act as a staging area to provide food, shelter and aid to our Caribbean neighbors including our Sister Islands of St. Thomas and St. John which were greatly damaged by IRMA.

We need your good wishes and positive thoughts so we can continue to be in a position to extend help to those who need it in our area. It just wouldn't do to have us incapacitated too!

​As a side note, any orders received today or tomorrow will likely be delayed in response from my end as we're sure to have electrical blackouts and shipping slowdowns during the time the storm passes by here. - George