Emerging From the Other Side of the Hurricane

​There Was No Place to Hide From ​This One!

​​We Survived, but, very little else did . . .

​​After a life-threatening evening of terror from the Category 5 hurricane named "Maria", we awoke to find our island Paradise had been converted into a debris field of thousands (yes, THOUSANDS!) of toppled power poles, uprooted trees and damaged  buildings. My residence was no exception and, I'm writing this post now from a new temporary apartment location that has restored power and internet service. 

The status for our island at present is:

  1. no power in most locations, and, none promised for months yet.
  2. no water service,
  3. no commercial air flights,
  4. no internet services for the most part and
  5. spotty/disrupted cell-phone services as well.
  6. roadways blocked with downed power lines and trees

​I'll be spending the coming weeks trying to reestablish business operations from my new location as power is not expected to be restored for months at my other residence.

​I ask patience from those who e-mailed me since the hurricane. I'm trying to get caught up. Technical questions will take a little longer to address for obvious reasons.

I'll try to put up some market observations in the coming days or weeks.

Thank you for your continued support & good wishes. - George