Critical Dollar Support Point . . .

​Watch This Support Price Area!

​The ​US Dollar is at a critical support price point.

Th​e way to 'bet' is generally to buy when in a sideways trading zone like the Dollar has been in for the last few years. This being such a long-period sideways trading area, there is usually a good deal of purchasing power at points like we're at right now.

Keep in mind we're looking at a Monthly Chart here, so, just a quick price excursion below 91.500 won't be enough to trigger a lasting downtrend. It will take several days of Closes below this price to confirm a weakness which is strong enough to break into a lasting downtrend.

​However, we're in a '7th' Year Cycle for the US Dollar, and, these have strong tendencies to become crashing market periods. So, we have to carefully watch prices when they approach important pivot points to make sure they don't give us a trigger signal that they're going to take the market lower still. Clients, use your trading and tracking tools at this time. The Trend for the US Dollar is important and drives many markets and currencies worldwide. - George