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The Australian Dollar Forecast


We're entering into interesting territory now with the Australian Dollar as we're revisiting the Lows of 2016. As seen on the above chart, this market has been locked into a sideways, trend-less price zone since 2015. Sideways markets like to dominate, but, even trend-less markets must end someday. ​​As we're at the bottom-end of the sideways range, we need to be aware of the price momentum that accompanies this approach to the previous Lows.

​The Point & Figure Chart above, shows that the drive to new Lows is strong and has not reversed as yet. This means that there is a higher liklihood to break to lower lows at present.

To become even more precise about the timing of major and minor turns in the markets, you need some special tools to assist you. 

There are 4-Specific Trading Methods that can provide for a 'Total Trading Solution' when applied to each of the 4 specific elements that go into the construction of a successful trade (the Timing of trend changes, Detection of non-trending Markets, The entry point for a trade and the Stops that must accompany each trade).

These Powerful Trading Methods are: The 'Fibonacci Trends' Technique; The Levitas Principle; The Exponential Trading Method and, 'Excalibur II - Mastering the Sideways Market'.

​These are all now offered in a Special Platinum 'Total Trading Solution' Package for those who wish to use the very best tools to solve for each of the trading problems mentioned above that make up each trading decision. You'll receive ALL 4 of the Courses you need to address each part of the Trading Solution you seek. All in one Package. All for one Special Price.

Contact George@wdgann-lost-secrets.com today for price and availability. There will be strict limits to the distribution of this 'Total Trading Solution' Package and to the number of copies that are made available.

This is a most Exclusive and Premium Offer and, only Serious Traders should apply for purchase privileges. That being said, it's time to take action today. Focus on Excellence! - George

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