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Day Trading Bitcoin Using the ‘Fibonacci Trends’ Method

​Profit Scalping Opportunities Continue Strong Here . . .

​For Example . . .

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Today's volatile markets demand extraordinary trading tools in order to keep up with the rapid shifts in price trends. ​

We've developed a process called 'Fibonacci Trends' that follows your markets of choice very tightly in order to detect earlier shifts in price trend earlier than was ever possible before. ​

Yesterday's (May 24th, 2020) Bitcoin/Usd Market was just another trading day for Bitcoin. That means, it had lots of volatility and       micro-shifts in trend which most traders just couldn't detect in advance because their analysis tools were stuck in the past and, therefore, rendered largely useless in today's markets. ​

Make no mistake about it. The opportunities in trading today are actually greater than ever for those with the proper tools to match the times we're in. ​

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We've been researching this topic for over a Half Century now, and, we've uncovered many trading 'nuggets' of truth along the way. We offer these to serious traders through our International Trader's Research Academy. ​

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The Journey . . .

Obstructions are just part of the Journey.

It's a fact of Life that we learn more from our failures than from our successes. 

Failure's just another important part of the learning experience and, an important one. 

​So, don't take set-backs personally. They're all part of the skill-set you're building.

​But, it's the total Journey that we need to focus on and not the obstructions along the pathway. - George

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Lower Your Entry Costs With ETFs on Commodities

The Very Best Trading Profit Opportunities Are Ahead.

​​​Generally, when market conditions are reported to be chaotic, it's just a ruse to cover up the fact that new opportunities for trading profits are just beginning and, in a market not being written or talked about by the 'experts'.

​The majority of traders often ignore the short-side of the market as a source for these profits, and, that's a big mistake.

Take Advantage of Commodity Seasonal Trends.

​​Where is most of the attention directed today in the markets? Stocks, primarily.

​​For the focus on and given to the Dow or the S&P Index, you'd think that this was the Economy. 

​​It isn't. Not by a long shot. 

The Commodity Markets are relatively reliable during times of chaos in the stock & bond markets in one sense; the Agricultural Products tend to have Seasonal swings in price trends from Harvest time to the new planting season. These are natural trends that can bring a sense of wonder and much-needed order back into our lives as investors.

​Even these man-made markets also have their 'seasons' or cycle, but, they're not based on Natural Cycles or the Seasons as we experience them each and every year.

Let's Look at the Natural Gas Market . . .

The chart at the top shows the Natural Gas Market price scenario current to today.

We're watching this market with several of our unique trading analysis methods and, are expecting a price movement shortly.

However, to try to trade Natural Gas futures is a costly and risky proposition. Yet, we still would like to take advantage of the special opportunities that the price charts show are pending. What to do then?

​Find Stock ETFs That Mirror The Commodity's Prices

There are now Stock ETFs that trade just like stocks but which mimic the price behavior of the various commodity markets. And, many of these stocks have Weekly Options which trade and, which can offer us a much less expensive entry into markets that are too rich to normally participate in.

​Below is the price chart for the most popular ETF for Natural Gas; it's symbol is UNG.

As you can see by viewing both charts, they closely mirror each other. Enough so that the signals in one market can often be used to trade in the other.

This approach to our general trading will open up many opportunities just as others with less insight will be leaving the markets in fear and confusion. Their fear becomes our gain.

​These are the markets to pursue during these amazing times, and, we have you 'covered' when it comes to unique, accurate and high-trading odds trading systems and methods to use to find opportunities in these markets. Cast your eyes on the Special Deal below to get started, and, hurry

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Bitcoin . . . Tracking the Great Fall


​The Great Trends Are Rare, So, You Need To Be Ready.

​​We tracked the great rise in Bitcoin some time back and provided a method that enabled at least one of our Clients to exit this market close to the very top.​

​You can view the same process at work on the chart above, but, this time using our new 'Fibonacci Trends' analysis method.

​When the Great Trends happen, (and, they always will happen), will you be armed with the right tools to both 'See' and Act on the opportunity?

​Not only were profits possible going up in this market, but, now that there are futures contracts on this market, one could also make money on the way down in price as well.

WD Gann used to state that there were more profits to be made (and, in a shorter time) from the collapse of prices than were available from general up-trending markets. But, you have to be ready!

Be kind to yourself this Holiday Season. Give yourself a Gift that keeps on Giving in the form of a superior technical analysis trading method, which will reduce your trading stresses and decisions to the essential minimum number necessary. 


I extend my best wishes to you and yours during this Holiday Season and through-out the remainder of this year and the years to come.

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Contact me with your Trading Course WishList. George

Canadian Dollar Weakens . . .

​An Early Warning for the Canadian Dollar?

​​I've noted some early weakness indications and movements in a few of the major currencies of late and among these is the Canadian Dollar.

​​The Canadian Dollar chart is shown above with today's slide in price signalling a change in trend..

​This ​isn't the only currency starting to weaken, and, over the next few days we'll show at least two others that show great potential to change their recent trends. These shifting points are where one can find the maximum leverage for the following trend and, by their nature, present the smallest risk (using the previous top as the stop).

​What's presented here are examples of applied market analysis which you yourself can master once you've learned the techniques and skills associated with those techniques and trading methods. Several techniques are offered on this website and more in our Catalog.

If you wish to be among the very few who gain access to these time-proven methods and discoveries, drop me an e-mail with your inquiry or requesting a catalog. E-mail me HERE.

Update: The New Course​ is ​approaching completion and will present a method that's been held very closely and used ​most successfully in my market analysis for many years now. ​It will serve whoever learns it very faithfully as well.

The Course will, (like the specialized course releases) be restricted to only a few numbered & registered copies and will be offered to previous Clients first, and, ​if there are copies remaining, then to a few new students. This Course offers a unique and completely separate approach to the markets and does not depend on knowledge of earlier methods or approaches.

​​This will be a Premium Offering that will be limited to only 15 Clients this Year, so, ​this Course will be priced accordingly. ​If you wish to be one of the​ fortunate few who come to learn this valuable method, let me know by e-mail. - George.

Precious Metals Downwards Turn Ahead? . . .

​​​A New Year, A New Trend!

​As we enter the New Year we should be ready for New Things and, especially New Trends.

GOLD has tipped us off to a new downswing possibility in the making.

​This should be expected as the recent rise in price from early December was a rapid rise at a very steep angle of ascent.

​Several of our carefully-researched trading techniques have indicated that we should expect at least a short-term reversal to the downside as a strong probability in the weeks ahead.

​Welcome to the New Year! - George.

Best Wishes for the Trading Year Ahead . . .

​​Keep A Positive Perspective & Expect Great Things!

​The ​World we come to experience & the Life we build ​is largely a product of our own expectations, desires and efforts.

​It's been my pleasure to serve & teach many of you this past year and to point the way to more profitable methods of analyzing markets and trading.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement.

May you all find even greater prosperity in the coming Year ahead as I reveal even more secrets to understanding the markets and trading profitably. 

Happy New Year All ! - George.

Present US Dollar Up-Trend Remains Intact . . .

​The Present Backup in Price is Normal.

​The ​​US DOLLAR ​has had a backup in price that has some scratching their heads wondering, if this is the turn-around for trend?​​​

But, just as I wrote earlier about Bitcoin and it's expected backups in price, the US Dollar can have it's backups as well and, still hold it's current trend in the process.

The first such area of pullback would bring us down to as low as 93.20. If that support area is violated, then, a larger downswing to the support area of 92.80 will be in operation.

Any break in price below the 92.80 level will be the start of a long-term downswing for the Dollar. - George.