The Holistic Universe of WD Gann

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The Holistic Universe of W. D. Gann

By George R. Harrison©2013

“The quickest way for you to learn how to determine future market movements is to study the past.” – W.D. Gann

WD Gann’s Holistic Approach to Markets and Trading:

The deeper one delves into WD Gann’s work, the more one will be confronted by a strange and unfamiliar paradigm. It’s become clearer to me (over the decades) that WD Gann’s work should be referenced to an entirely different, HOLISTIC and ancient World View rather than to the one we possess today.

This ancient perspective on Nature and Man’s place within it predates the earliest histories.

It seems completely foreign to us today because this ancient framework of thought and perception was effectively pushed out of Society’s collective consciousness by the Scientific or Copernican Revolution.

Knowledge of this particular World View of Mr. Gann’s gives us an important tool and perspective for better understanding WD Gann’s COMPLETE works (they should be considered as a WHOLE and connected).

Let’s take a look at the present model of the Universe . . .

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