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What’s Your Trend?


By W. D. Gann (1942)

3cardmonte“When you make one to three trades that show losses, whether they be large or small, something is wrong with you and not with the market.

Your trend may have changed.

My rule is to get out and wait.

Study the reason for your losses.

Remember, you will never lose any money being out of the market.

Holding on to a losing trade is the worst thing you can do, and as a rule it continues to go against you, and the quicker you take a loss, the better.

Trade with the main trend.

It never pays to sell short in a Bull market because you are bucking the trend and may miss the top.

It never pays to buy in a Bear market, becuase you are bucking the trend and may miss the bottom and have losses. WD GANN (1942)

George’s Commentary . . .

Here is another topic as current today as when it was first written by W.D. Gann back in 1942.

This rule will never change and is based on a mathematical principle.

In these writings of W.D. Gann, we can detect Gann’s keen powers of observation as applied to markets and traders.

Most become so emotionally attached to their trades that the concept of a change of trend in themselves and their equity accounts never occurs to them. I can assure you from my observations over the decades that Gann’s comments ring true and should be applied.

This process becomes a new type of STOP (for ALL further trading) that can keep one from hammering away at a market that’s gone sideways and trendless.

These are the very conditions where it’s best to . . .

  1. Step away from the markets,
  2. Apprise ourselves of our previous actions and their results
  3. Re-assess present market conditions
  4. And, reset our profit Objectives in accordance with those present conditions.

Any tool that can help us to restrain our Human Nature to over-do an action without critically examining that action should be welcomed and used consistently. – GR HARRISON




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